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Clinic Písnická

Písnická 761/7, Praha 12
+420 777 956 737
+420 241 713 815

Clinic Roškotova

Roškotova 1717/2, Praha 4
(Poliklinika Zelený pruh)
+420 776 216 228

Ordinace Písnická je právě teď zavřena. Ordinace Roškotova je právě teď zavřena.

Modern dental clinic, experienced dentists:
Angel Dental Care

Angel Dental Care We provide professional dental care and offer routine examinations, dental treatment, as well as special and non-standard operations, primarily in the fields of implantology and periodontology.

All operations are performed with an emphasis on quality, and thanks to modern anesthesia, pain is no longer a concern. Our clinics are equipped with the newest technologies, and our team of knowledgeable dentists with international education and experience is here to provide you outstanding service.

Entrust the care of your teeth to the best professionals. Entrust your dental care to the Angel Dental Care Clinics.

We offer:

Restorative dentistry includes prevention, diagnostics, and the treatment of cavities. It also deals with treatment of injures. We use metal-fused ceramic and full ceramic crowns in our clinics. These result in natural looking teeth, that when combined with proper dental hygiene, can last a lifetime.
Endodontics, or root canal therapy, is one of the most complicated manipulations. In case the cavity spreads beyond the enamel and dentin and approaches the tooth’s nerve tissues, it is necessary to displace the damaged root and tissue and fill in the root. Thanks to the use of modern anesthesia, you should not worry about the pain associated with this complex surgery.
Prosthodontics specializes in the replacement of individual teeth or a complete set of teeth. The main standards are functionality and aesthetics, which are achieved thanks to the experience of our dentists and our modern dentistry equipment.
Dental implants are used as artificial substitutions of missing teeth; the artificial teeth are surgically placed directly into the jaw bone. The implant serves as a pillar on which the artificial crown is mounted. You can read a detailed description on the use of dental implants as well as on the full procedure here.
Aesthetic dentistry helps injured teeth look natural and healthy.
Dental hygiene is not just an aesthetical procedure, but also a treatment process during which the factors causing gum inflammation and periodontitis are eliminated; tartar, dental plaque, and pigmentation are removed. It’s recommended to schedule regular dental hygiene appointments, two or three times a year.
Teeth whitening must be performed on healthy teeth without symptoms of decay or gum inflammation. Over time, the teeth are subjected to food and other substances which can result in a yellow or brown pigmentation. We recommend professional whitening performed by our experienced dentists to prevent irreversible damage to your teeth.
Children’s dentistry specifically deals with complex dental care and prevention for children under the age of 18. Your children will be in good hands with us.


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